Gallstones Surgery

What are Gallstones & where do they come from?

  • Fluids become solid and form stones

    On the upper right side of your body, just under your liver, lies your gallbladder. Fluids made by the liver that aid in digestion are stored by the gallbladder. At times, these digestive fluids become solid and form stones, which are called gallstones.

  • Sometimes gallstones are symptomless.

    Sometimes gallstones are symptomless. At other times, they can cause a number of symptoms, including pain. If gallstones leave the gallbladder through the passage to the intestines, sometimes they get stuck and may block the passageway. When this happens, you may experience severe pain in your upper right side, and even in your upper back. The pain may last for a number of hours. This is often referred to as a gallbladder attack.

  • Symptoms for Gallstones

    Not everyone will get gallstones, but you are more likely to get them if you are pregnant, over 60 years of age or have diabetes. Women are more likely to experience gallstones than men, as are overweight and obese individuals. People that are of Mexican or American Indian decent are also more prone to get gallstones.

  • Other contributing factors

    Taking birth control pills and eating a high cholesterol diet increases your chances of getting gallstones. As with some other diseases, having a family history of gallstones also increases your risk of experiencing them. Lastly, if you recently lost weight rapidly and are on a low-calorie diet, you may get gallstones.

$4,800* Gallstones Surgery Special

* Additional fees for general anesthesia, operating room and post-surgery recovery apply.

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If you have gallstones, but they don’t cause you pain, our doctor may advise you to just let them be. On the other hand, treatment is usually advised for gallstones that cause pain. Evidence indicates that if you have had one gallbladder attack, you have about a 70 percent chance of having another one. In cases where a gallbladder attack results in an inflamed or irritated gallbladder, your physician may suggest that you have surgery to remove your gallbladder right away. Without removing an inflamed gallbladder, there is a chance that the gallbladder may become infected and even burst.

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