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  • Hyperhidrosis has a simple meaning – excess sweating

    As human beings, our bodies are naturally designed to balance temperatures internally as external conditions change. For most people, up to four million sweat glands can activate at any time but for those who suffer from hyperhidrosis, the watery results can range from mild to extremely unpleasant.

    The areas of the body that are most frequently affected by hyperhidrosis are the hands, face, armpits and feet*.
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  • Lifestyle Challenges

    Many sufferers of this condition are reluctant to join social activities due to embarrassment of excessive sweating. Some people need to change clothing multiple times a day. Hyperhidrosis can affect even more areas of a person’s life with severe psychological or medical problems. Hyperhidrosis can also take a toll on career decisions, or the outcome of job interviews.

  • What is the Cause?

    Hyperhidrosis has no known cause, but many different factors can be the source of excessive sweating. These conditions – that do not have negative effects for most people – may include warm temperatures, nervousness, embarrassment, fear and exercise. A UCLA study indicates hyperhidrosis is genetic, with the ‘sweaty palms’ syndrome being passed from generation to generation in many cases. The disorder is largely underreported, yet can be debilitating for people in their work and personal life.

$2,900* Hyperhidrosis Surgery

* Additional fees for general anesthesia, operating room and post-surgery recovery apply.

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Dr. Farshad Malekmehr provides relief from hyperhidrosis by placing clips on the sympathetic nerves going to the sweat glands. Because this procedure does not involve cutting or burning nerves, it can be reversed. If the patient is not happy with the results, the clips can be removed.

Dr. Farshad Malekmehr is a board-certified cardiovascular surgeon. He has a special interest in treating patients with hyperhidrosis.

Insurance Options

Patients who have subscribed to PPO (Preferred Provider Option) or POS (Point-of-Service) Insurance are often partially, if not fully covered for the hyperhidrosis procedure. If you’re not sure if you’re covered under the new Medicare programs or the standard HMO (Health Maintenance Organizations) please contact your providers. They can help answer any questions regarding your insurance coverage.

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