Mommy Makeover

Is A Mommy Makeover A Good Option for You?

  • Regaining your pre-pregnancy appearance can be difficult

    Being a mother is a wonderful thing but not everything about childbearing is particularly easy on your body; sometimes, naturally regaining your pre-pregnancy appearance can be lengthy and difficult. That’s why so many mothers are interested in mommy makeover surgery; a series of procedures designed to reverse the less flattering after effects of pregnancy and childbirth.

  • Safe and individualized procedures

    A mommy makeover can include a number of surgeries, which are typically very safe, but should be individualized to each woman. Make over packages usually features a tummy tuck, also referred to as abdominoplasty by doctors. This operation essentially removes unsightly, and sometimes uncomfortable, excess skin and fatty tissue that often results from a rapid and significant weight loss.

  • Return breasts to a youthful, perky appearance

    Another frequent element of mommy makeover surgery is the breast lift procedure. A breast lift does exactly what it says – it lifts the breast(s) and returns a youthful, perky appearance by removing excess tissue to restore lost firmness and elasticity. A breast lift procedure is frequently accompanied by breast augmentation to improve the overall size and firmness of the breast(s). Additionally, when breastfeeding and hormones have altered the size and appearance of areolas, they can also be adjusted surgically for a uniform, natural appearance.

$6,800* Mommy Makeover Procedure

* Additional fees for general anesthesia, operating room and post-surgery recovery apply.

Exceeded my expectations. Recovery and results were awesome and not nearly as much pain as I was told. Awesome results!Susan




At our surgical center, we try to minimize your stress by being sensitive to the various reasons you may wish to undergo a Mommy makeover procedure whether it is to improve your marriage, or to simply feel good about your body again. The Doctors and staff at Pacific Surgical Center are sensitive to the fact that any surgical procedure may cause a few anxieties about how a Mommy makeover will affect your sexual, religious and financial life.

It is our goal to treat your body, your heart and your mind by taking a holistic approach to your treatment. You are encouraged to discuss all of your questions and concerns, in a private, caring setting so that you are 100% confident you are making the right decision for you. Pacific Surgical Center promotes an atmosphere of confidentiality, individualized treatment plans and total care within one center.

I had a very good experience. The doctor was sweet and I am very satisfied. The nurses and staff are patient and helpful. Anytime I need anything they were there to help. I would recommend my family and friends here. Melinda


Mommy Makeover FAQs

Why do I need a consultation?

A consultation with our experienced doctors allows us to quickly assess what procedures would best benefit you from a makeover. Generally speaking, each area of the body needs to be evaluated on its own. For example, you may only need breast implants and not a lift, or you may need so much lift that the implants have to go in three months later to allow the breast to heal between procedures. We also take this opportunity to determine the abdomen procedure needed. For example, a liposuction or tummy tuck, as one is more related to the amount of excess skin and the laxity of the abdominal muscle wall while the other procedure (liposuction) reduces the amount of fatty deposits and can affect more than just the tummy area (arms, thighs, hips etc).

How do I know if I am a good candidate for a mommy makeover?

The easiest way is to come in for a free consultation. That gets you the most information in the shortest period of time. Generally speaking, every woman who wants a mommy makeover is a good candidate; however if you have any concerns that might make you think you’re not a good candidate (ex: you are currently breast feeding a new baby, are on heart or diabetic medications or had a c-section) these should all be discussed during your no obligation consultation.

Why is it best to have these procedures at one time instead of individually?

The best reason to combine your procedures is to minimize your recovery time. It’s not that you heal any faster, it’s that you only go through the process once. A tummy tuck, breast lift and breast implant(s) each requires 7-10 days to comfortably get back to a desk job and longer for more physical work. And since we’re talking Moms here, it’s a physical job! Doing the procedures separately then requires 21-30 days of total off time from your life, as compared with 7-10 days when combined.

The second reason is anesthesia risk. The riskiest time of anesthesia is the going to sleep and the waking up. The period while you’re under is the most stable. So, having one round of anesthetic (one go to sleep and one wakeup) is better than doing them all separately (three and three).

My children are still very young, should I still consider a Mommy Makeover now?

In a word, yes! Although you may think you are busy now, wait until they are all in soccer, ballet, football, after school stuff, etc. My last one is leaving for college this year and I am starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. Young children do need Mommy more, so the recovery period requires some additional help for you, but most kids understand mommy’s “ouchie” and actually like to help you for a change!

In addition, you will heal faster while you are younger and you get to enjoy the benefits of the makeover for longer, until advancing “maturity” gets you.

How long does a complete Mommy Makeover take (the actual surgeries)?

This will vary with the combinations needed. All three together (implants, lift and tummy tuck) will take 4-5 hours of time in the operating room and another hour or so in the recovery room before you head for home.

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